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LITIGATION & Dispute Resolution


These are fields that require experience, quick thinking and investigative skills among others and here at AOA, our lawyers are constantly honing and improving their litigation skills in a wide range of areas with an uncommon dedication to the cause of every client.


We represent corporate bodies and Individuals in various areas of law at all levels of the Nigerian judicial system and in all states of the Federation.

Our commitment to justice manifests through the creation of a Criminal Prosecution Section, a testament to our proactive stance in safeguarding the intellectual property rights of our clients. 


We stand as devoted allies to Law Enforcement agencies, providing invaluable assistance in prosecuting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement cases. With a meticulously held watching brief, we not only represent our clients in the courtroom but anticipate and neutralize potential threats before they arise.



Corporate practice is a constantly evolving area of legal practice which covers a wide range of commercial and financial activities.

We provide legal advice on all types of matters ranging from typical business contracts, management of shareholders' meetings and boards of directors' meetings, corporate governance, and advise on various laws and regulatory compliance as they apply to corporate enterprises as well as legal advice to foreign clients with respect to applicable Nigerian laws and regulations.


In addition, we handle any legal matter arising from ordinary business activities, including those relating to various types of official registries, notifications to and registration with governmental agencies and bureaus, various procedures relating to the setting up of and management of corporations, legal entities and businesses as well as labor and employment matters. 

CORPORATE & Commercial Practice

REAL Estate

We possess the expertise gained through years of experience dealing in the real estate sector advising investors, corporate bodies and individuals as well as drafting multi-million naira agreements.


Our expertise has enabled us advise on every step of the acquisition and management process as well as provide well-informed counsel on specialist aspects of Real Estate transactions.

We provide legal advisory services to clients relating to the development, exploitation, protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights.


We ensure the protection and promotion of our clients' IP rights as invaluable assets through a meticulous process of IP registration, audits, evaluation, investigation and enforcement. We assist our clients regarding ownership, licensing, franchising and/or assignments of their IP rights. 





As Media and Entertainment Law intersects with other aspects of law such as Intellectual Property and Corporate law, we offer end-to-end legal services covering the needs of our clients that run the full gamut of IP rights and litigation as well as agreement drafting and ratification, tax compliance, labor and employment matters, contract negotiation among other media-related matters.

If you require assistance, please contact us or request a call from one of our lawyers

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